Sunday, August 5, 2018

Memory Wall

Would you like to record a video about your fondest memories of Jerry?
We are pleased to announce that Roger Faubert will be at the event on August 25th to record your memories which will be posted to this site.
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Memories from Daughter, Mary
When dad got involved with something, he went all out.  Nothing was ever too much to do. Preparing for race day was always a huge task and one that pulled in the whole family.  One of my first memories was “pinning the bibs”. Apparently, runners were not skilled in this task, so dad grabbed whoever was in the house, and told to start pinning the bibs with diaper size pins.  I was 10-years old the first time and not 50 bibs in, I stab the pin under my thumb nail which proceeded to bleed on the bib. No time for sympathy, a couple of bandaids wrapped round tight and I was put back to work.  When I recall this memory, I can still feel the pin sliding under my nail.
Smelt Day – There is nothing more delicious than fresh fish from Lake Erie or Lake St. Clair.  That is unless you’re the person cleaning it. Sure enough, Rick Lapointe (who might not actually be the culprit, but I know he supplied dad with a LOT of fish), would send dad home with a hefty garbage bag of smelt from the annual smelt run at Point Pelee.  Sure enough, the kitchen became a fish processing plant as dad gathered us around to clean and bag the smelt. He laughed at the number we had to clean but fish was always his favourite dish. I still like them but prefer perch or pickerel when I come to visit now.  Thank you, Rick, for bringing dad a plate of your famous fish while he was in hospital.
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There are lots of great stories out there as the family has heard over the past 2 months and we encourage you to share them.
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